Sunday, February 15, 2009

What is The Best Thing That has Ever Happened to My Life

Oh my, this is the tough one. What is the best thing that has ever happen to my life? Well, since I have a hard time to memorize my past, I would say that the paramount thing that has ever happen to my life is to continue my study at UiTM Terengganu.

I was so confuse when my father informs me that I have been accepted to further my study at UiTMT. That time I was dead to the world at my room. My father wakes me up and told me that he have checked my online application to apply for the IPTA. UiTMT offers me to continue my study in Diploma Culinary Arts. That time I was so sleepy and whatever word that my father said seems like nothing.

That evening, my father asks me to recheck my application. Alhamdullilah, thankful to Allah S.W.T, I found out that I successfully accepted to continue my study in Diploma Culinary Arts at UiTMT. I was so in high spirits that time and so was my father. Who is not happy if their own children is going to institution of higher education. Even though culinary art are not my first preference, I really enjoy cooking so much. Nothing can stop me from going to my kitchen and cook like a chef except cockroach. Hahahaha = )

Throughout my study at this beautiful university, I observe that the scene is so near to the beach. It is like a paradise for those who study here. I also meet so many buddy, Aiman, Adhwa, Wany, Eryn, Faiz, Nadiah, Kak Jiha, Bear, Kak Long, Nadiah, Andrianne, Abun and a lot more. The lecturer here very kind and friendly.

During my first semester, many up and down happen to me. For me, this is the first time I stay far away from my family and my cat. All the experience that I gain has trained me to become a better person. At this semester also, I have achieve quite good result in my examination. My name is on the dean list because my pointer is above 3.5 . My father is so proud of me and my sisters very surprise about the result that I get because in the past, I really to study even to open and read books. Well, the past is the past. What we focus is on the present.