Monday, January 5, 2009

My Experience Being a UiTMT Student for One Semester

It’s like a curse to me. Been sent to Dungun to continue my study instead of sending me somewhere else near to my hometown, the metropolitan Kuala Lumpur. I wonder, why Dungun? Why not Machang, Kelantan?. If I were at Machang, I will be with my old school friends doing what we enjoy most which is making trouble.

Well there is a lot of thing that I've experienced being a UiTM Terengganu student. For an old veteran, they quite proud if their children or grandchildren succeed in their education life and further their study at the university. During my first week at UiTMT, all student have to attend the MMS(Minggu Mesra Siswa) session to avoid the culture shock that we might faced here.

That time I still remember the OC's have to wake us up for the morning prayer, have to queue and wait for turn to use the washroom and punished if we were late. After the MMS ends we began our class accordingly. At class , I get to know some new friends from other state such as Kelatan,Terengganu and Sarawak.

During my time here, me and my friends spent our free time hanging around at the beach and visit the night market at Dungun. We faced a lot of ups and down here too. Some of our friends have to quit because of family matter.

University education system is quite complicated. We have to sit for a lot of test and final exam. But thankfully I passed with flying colour. So far, it’s quite a wonderful life experience that I ever have.