Monday, February 9, 2009

What I Would Like to Change About Myself?

My hair is short and neat, so does my fingernails and I brushed my teeth every day. Just wondering, what I would like to change about myself?

First and foremost, I would try my best to wake up early and perform my Subuh prayer. It’s kind of hard for boys like us to wake up early. My mobile phones alarm and my clock alarm seems does not working for me. Whenever the alarm ring, I just wake up and switched of the alarm and continue back my sleeping. Thank goodness I have a responsible friend who sometime knocks on my door and wakes me up.

Next, I would like to change my way of study. Every time a test or quiz draws near, I will do my revision and study last minute. Additionally, I really enjoy studying with a pillow, laying on my bed and wondering about something that does not include in my study. That the dilemma that I faced which is day dreaming.

Beside that, I would try my best to be punctual in attending all the class. In a nutshell, I hope I can manage myself to change my past behaviour. For instance, I really hope if my friend can lend a hand for me to be a better man.