Sunday, February 1, 2009

How Do I Spend My Holiday

How I spend my holiday? What keeps coming and wondering on my mind is how the holiday will spend me? Just kidding. Well as far as I remember, all UiTM students start their Chinese New Year Holiday at 23rd January and they all will go back to their beloved hometown. Who will not miss their hometown? The comfortable bed, fluffy pillows, hot water bath, and our parents. For me, I have to postpone my holiday, sell back my bus ticket because I have to stay back.

The reason I need to stay at UiTM because I have to participate in the Battle of The Band (Percussion Brassband) this March at Johor. I have to attend the band training from 23rd till 27th January. Since so little people stay at College Gemia, I packed my stuff and straight went to Esan’s room at College Tenggol (B) . Esan is my friend in Brassband. After the Friday prayer, I went to the stadium to see the Brassband juniors that attended for the Brassband Intensive for the new intake. Around 4 o’clock, I borrowed Yus’s (my friend) motorcycle to go back at College Tenggol (B) to take a quick bath. While I was riding the motorcycle, before reaching the bridge I could not control the motorcycle and fell. I suffer some minor injuries on my left hand, chest and left leg.
During my stays at UiTM, I have to teach my Brassband juniors how to play trumpet. Izzy, senior at Brassband asked me a favour to help guided the junior on how to play trumpet. Trumpet is a music instrument that groups in the upper brass category and the people who play trumpet is called trumpeter. There are two types of trumpet which is B Flat Trumpet and Cornett. I have taught my juniors how to play songs such as “Hormat Panglima”, “Putri Bersiram”, “NegaraKu”, and “When The Saints”.

On Sunday afternoon, I went to town to buy ticket to Kuala Lumpur. The ticket on 27th January has already been sold out so I bought the ticket on 26th January. It is kind of hard for me to leave my trumpeter juniors early. After asking permission from Izzy and the Drum Major, Elfi, I went back to my hometown on 26th January (Monday). I arrived safely at Kuala Lumpur 4a.m on Tuesday even after the bus that I took have some technical problem at Kuantan around 12.30a.m and have to wait around one hour to get a new bus.

My dad picked me up at Hentian Putra bus station and went straight home. After reaching home, I went to my bedroom and continue sleeping. I woke up around 2 p.m. That night me and my dad went to Jusco to make my new spectacles because my old spectacles broke into two pieces.

On Thursday, I , Iman, Syafiq, Adip ( Syafiq’s friend), and Nurul ( Iman’s friend) together went to Pavillion at Bukit Bintang to watch movie. After watching the movie, we went for some shopping. That night I, Iman and Nurul went to NZ restaurant at Wangsa Maju to have our dinner. I told Iman and Nurul that I have to go back home early because my bus to Dungun is on Friday noon.

On Friday, I took a cab to Hentian Putra bus station since my dad had to send my sister back to UiTM Malacca. I arrived at UiTM Dungun at 6 p.m. Around 8 p.m Dewi called and invited me for dinner with Atul, Izati, Mareena, Wany, and Jasmini at Teluk Gadung.

Well that are as far as I can remember on how I spend my holiday not because of I suffer a short-term memory lost. It is not much but for me, it is quite meaningful and fun. At least I released some stress by having some holiday sunlight.